“For starters, Lee Upton’s novel Tabitha, Get Up is funny—really,
really funny. On top of that, narrator Tabitha’s clumsy, desperate,
charming search for human connection—not to mention a paying
gig—is also a serious look at whether it’s possible to bluff and
hustle a life together. You’re going to love this book.”--
David Ebenbach

“It’s Lee Upton’s best, funniest, and most ingenious work of fiction yet. Which is to say, it’s the best, funniest, most ingenious work of fiction you’ll read this year, and most other years, too.”--

Brock Clarke

“There is no form of the novel—the novel takes forms. Lee Upton’s
comely new novel presents as a series of exquisite ‘Notes’—to self,
to random others, to you who finds them. Riding herd, Upton
wrangles a novel that writes itself and rights itself.”--
Michael Martone

“In Tabitha, Get Up, Lee Upton has created an ebullient, witty,
slightly nutty, and totally lovable character whose distinctive
voice will stay with you long after you’ve closed the book. Smart,
funny, crazy in the best sense, and a total joy!”--

Iris Smyles

"A delightfully meta novel about a woman writing her way out of calamity."--Kirkus Reviews

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Cover by Anne Marie Hantho

                   LEE UPTON